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1. Ayça Sapaz, Turkey

2. Francesca Vittorini & Andrea Tabocchini, Italy

3. Jennifer McMaster & Jonathon Donnelly, Australia

4. Jim pui yin Lau, Hong Kong

5. Luis José Morión Gil, Spain

6.Maciej Warot, Poland

Winning projects Archi-World® Academy Awards 2015-2017

We are happy to announce the winners of the third edition of the Archi-World Academy Awards.

This edition of the Archi-World® Academy awards has rewarded excellence and encouraged young talents by enabling nine students to undertake an exceptional training course in an important internationally renowned architecture office.

Winners AWA III 2017

1. Ayça Sapaz, Turkey

Training course laureate at Design Bureau Romanov, Russia
PROJECT: The Cloud Portico
See the project here

2. Francesca Vittorini & Andrea Tabocchini, Italy
Training course laureate at JKMM Architects, Finland
PROJECT: Inside Out
See the project here

3. Jennifer McMaster & Jonathon Donnelly, Australia
Training course laureate at Polo Architects, Belgium
PROJECT: MA|UA (Museum of Architecture | Jørn Utzon Archive)
See the project here

4. Jim pui yin Lau, Hong Kong
Training course laureate at Ercan Çoban Architects, Turkey
PROJECT: Hong Kong Hegemony - Reclaim Central
See the project here

5. Luis José Morión Gil, Spain
Training course laureate at Labics, Italy
PROJECT: Domestic Colectivity
See the project here

6.Maciej Warot, Poland
Training course laureate at Guz Architects, Singapore
PROJECT: Living in Garden
See the project here

7.Marina Smirnova, France

Training course laureate at Rudy Ricciotti Architects, France
PROJECT: Modernisation of the Georgievskaya village
See the project here

8. Nicol Gallardo Kurte, Chile
Training course laureate at SBA Architektur und Städtebau, Germany
PROJECT: Cultural Complex of the Performing Arts
See the project here

9. Ainur Mustafin, Russia
Training course laureate at Coop Himmelb(l)au, Austria
PROJECT: Medialibrary - Education [by] space
See the project here

Here the list of the jury members who have accepted to participate to the fourth edition of Archi-World Academy Awards 2017-2019.

Mr Viggo Haremst, Henning Larsen Architects, Denmark
Mr Branimir Medic, de Architekten Cie, The Netherlands
Mr Lone Wiggers, CF Moller, Denmark
Mr Sebastian Moreno Vacca, A2M, Belgium
Mr Gerhard Landau, Landau-Kindelbacher, Germany
Mrs Stéhanie Ledoux, AW2, France
Mr Eric Vallenet, Beng Architectes, Luxembourg
Mr Philippe Van Goethem, SVR Architects, Belgium
Mr Renato Rizzi Renato, Rizzi Architetto, Italy
Mr Angel Luis Tendero, ALT Arquitectura, Spain
Mr Jean François Chevance, Archetype Group, Vietnam
Mr Onat Öktem, ONZ Architects, Turkey

More information: www.awacademy.org


7. Marina Smirnova, France

8. Nicol Gallardo Kurte, Chile

9. Ainur Mustafin, Russia

21-03 IKC Zalmplaat - Primary school in a characteristic and epressibe building
13-03 Vittorio Simoni - Simoni Architecten, Hasselt
08-03 Black Box Gym - A Temporary Architecture Practice
06-03 A 'City for All' - UNStudio
27-02 Moreelsebrug Utrecht
20-02 HHF Wins Competition for Tower Building in Biel
17-02 Marc Younan architecture office converted an industrial building into 85 social housing units
15-02 Organic Farm
08-02 Brede School Aarle-Rixtel, Laarbeek - Holland
30-01 European Architecture Awards 2017 : international competition for architects
20-01 Awarding Ceremony Archi-World® Academy III edition 2017
18-01 Winning projects Archi-World® Academy Awards 2015-2017
16-01 Construction begins on Poland’s tallest tower designed by Foster + Partners
12-01 Atelier Téqui Architectes: Social center, cultural space and esplanade
04-01 Architectural Lighting Design for Mocape Shenzhen - The Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhi
27-12 AIA has just delivered the headquarters for the french bank Crédit Mutuel de Loire-Atlantique in Nan
19-12 Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects win International competition to design the new Shanghai Library, C

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