Domaine Allard Wellness Sensations – a realistation of Archi-Europe

Ommerstein Castle by Vittorio Simoni
November 8, 2021
Sea View by Geert Berkein
December 6, 2021

Domaine Allard is located in a rural setting where you can completely unwind. This luxury wellness – inspired by Balinese architecture – is situated on 5000m2 of land.

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Achi-News usually talks about architectural projects from all over the world. Now we would like to share with you a private project of Jacques Allard – director of Archi-Europe / Archi-News and since 2007 also president of the European Architecture Foundation EURAF.EU.

Domaine Allard Wellness Sensations is a B&B wellness situated in the middle of the Hesbaye fields, along the castle Jongenbos.

The design of Domaine Allard Wellness Sensations offers a taste of Bali in a discreet manner without embellishment, focusing instead on the beauty of materials, lighting, lines and proportions inherent in each Wellness.

The Wellness upholds aesthetic traditions as well as creating a sense of calm, serenity

and escape. A distinct feature of Domaine Allard Wellness Sensations is its simplicity. The predominant color is turquoise, which contrasts nicely with the predominantly tropical hardwood.

From the point of view of relaxing as naturally as possible, the use of synthetic materials has been reduced to an absolute minimum.
The integration in the Hesbaye nature and the use of natural materials create a haven of peace!

A place to catch your breath, to escape from the everyday stressors or to relax romantically for a few days. Domaine Allard Wellness Sensations has something for everyone!

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PROJECT: Domaine Allard Wellness Sensations
ADDRESS: Dennendreef 8 3721 Kortessem
COMPLETED: October 2021
SURFACE: domain 5000 m2
Alpha industries
LPW pools
CREDITS PHOTO: © RomanPhotosMoldavia

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