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August 29, 2022
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Founded in 2016 by architect Zlata Rybchenko, Ohra is a design studio and consultancy based in London using CGI technology to develop each step of the design process. Specialised in hospitality and residential design, we work across the fields of interior architecture & design, architectural concepts, brand creation and graphic design. Together with a wide range of collaborators, Ohra creates timeless environments rich with emotional resonance.Tired of being surrounded by excess, our clients came to us looking for a more minimalist approach to interior design. Together, we focused on the essentials, creating a light and airy space that perfectly captures the modern London spirit.

The restrained material palette and neutral colors create a calming atmosphere, while the carefully curated selection of art and furniture provides a subtle visual interest. Wooden elements and clean lines add a sense of warmth and richness, while the large windows allow natural light to flood the space. The end result is a tranquil and serene home that feels both sophisticated and inviting.

We developed an approach focused on the essential things in our clients’ ifestyle and critical for interior design – for example, the piano for their home musical events.

The result is a calm and cozy atmosphere that serves as a stage for clients’ fantastic collection of art and furniture, such as the Yumi Sofa and marble coffee table by Stahl+Band, the Androgyne Dining Table, and the Wireline Suspension Lamp by Flos or the Oliver Watts painting. Wooden elements add warmth and character to this project. We used American walnut panels on several walls to create a sense of privacy without sacrificing natural light.

The living room, kitchen and dining area feature concrete floors, while the bedrooms and family rooms are finished with a warmer palette of wood and white paint to bring a “sense of comfort”. The kitchen is an icon of minimalism, pure and clean made from natural materials without any nonessential detail. It allows the clients to fill it up with food, guests, and conversations. Kitchen connects with the main space of the living area, which is divided into 2 parts – the piano area and the relaxation zone near the fireplace.

This project implements all the main principles in the interior design approach of Ohra Studio – such as minimalism, natural color palette and natural ecological materials: wood, stone, stucco; iconic furniture and thoughtful art placement. The overall interior design of the residence emphasizes simplicity and comfort.

This project is a great example of how less can truly be more. By working with our clients to edit down their belongings to only what they truly loved and needed, we were able to create a serene and beautiful home that perfectly reflects their style and personality. This is a great reminder that sometimes the best way to achieve your design goals is to focus on the essentials.

For more information: www.desirum.com

Photo credits © Ohra Studio

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